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Vetplanet is here to ethically handle all your Pet’s Veterinary needs during your stay at the Pearl of Africa and there after handle the entire process of International Pet Relocation.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs )

Are ear mites painful?

Can my indoor cat get ear mites?

Even though ear mites are more common in outdoor cats, indoor cats can be affected if they come into contact with another infected cat or the bedding or toys of an infected cat.

Why should I clean my cat’s ears?

Although cats tend to be good groomers, it is not easy for them to clean the inside of their ears. This can cause excess wax, dirt, and debris to build up inside the ear, increasing the risk of your cat developing an ear infection. Periodic inspections and ear cleanings may help reduce the chance of ear infections and keep your cat’s ears healthy.

What problems do ear mites cause?

Ear mites can cause intense itching and head shaking in your dog. Ears can become red and swollen and rashes or other skin disorders can occur on the skin around the ears.

How are ear mites diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose ear mites. Usually, the mites can be seen with an otoscope or on swabs of the ear canal observed under a microscope.

Which types of allergies can cause ear infections?

Skin allergy, which is caused by allergens in the air, such as pollen, is the most common type of allergy triggering ear infections in dogs. Other types include food allergy and contact allergy, which is caused by direct contact with an allergen that can irritate the skin.

Why is it important to use a veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser?

A veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser is one designed specifically for pets. It will be powerful yet gentle enough for routine use, with a neutral pH and a non-irritating formula. A professionally recommended ear cleanser will also keep ears smelling fresh, remove excessive ear wax, and will be able to be used before application of other ear products. Avoid using cleansers that contain significant amounts of alcohol, have an overly acidic or basic pH, or contain hydrogen peroxide as all of these things can irritate your cat’s ears, especially if used often.

Am I able to see ear mites in my dog’s ears?

Ear mites are barely visible to the human eye. Usually, your veterinarian will be able to see the mites using an otoscope, or they will be visible in the ear discharge using a microscope.

How are ear mites treated?

Ear mites can be successfully treated by medication that is specifically designed for cats and is recommended by your veterinarian. Because ear mites are contagious, all pets in the household (both cats and dogs) should be treated at the same time.

How are ear mites transmitted?

Ear mites are very contagious and can easily travel from the ears of an infected cat to other pets in close contact. This can happen when pets are grooming, sleeping, or playing together.

What are ear mites?

Ear mites are tiny mites that live on the surface of the skin, usually in the ear canal. They are a common cause of disease and infection and are very contagious.

What is otitis externa?

Otitis externa is one of the most common ear infections. The condition involves inflammation of the outer ear canal. The outer ear becomes red and swollen. This causes bacteria and yeast, usually present in low numbers in the ear canal, to grow abundantly, causing infection. This sets up an environment where bacteria and yeast can overgrow their normal levels, creating an unhealthy infection that magnifies the inflammation of the ears. Without intervention this becomes a vicious cycle.

Which dogs are prone to ear infections?

All dogs can get ear infections, but certain dogs are prone to them, including dogs with allergies, dogs with long or floppy ears, and dogs that like to swim or get wet.

Why is controlling inflammation so important?

Ongoing inflammation in the ear can lead to recurrent infection that may become harder to treat over time. Chronic inflammation can also cause changes in the ear that may worsen ear problems and make surgery necessary.


© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

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