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Vetplanet is here to ethically handle all your Pet’s Veterinary needs during your stay at the Pearl of Africa and there after handle the entire process of International Pet Relocation.

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The Department has a Small Animal Specialist Clinic which offers various range of services:-

In medicine there is no guess work. Our team therefore strictly relies on investigations like; serology, hematology, radiography, CT Scan, histopathology, culture and sensitivity among others to ascertain the disease extent and cause in your pet before any treatment in undertaken.

Our team of highly competent Doctors carry out elective surgeries like spays, castration, tumor extraction and emergency surgeries like fracture repairs, caesarian sections and post-surgery management among others.

We offer services like dental scaling and polishing, tooth extraction among others

Our team of experienced doctors of general treatment to our patients. They are trained to handle complex conditions and emergencies like poisonings

This is the most critical part of preventive medicine. It includes the primary shots for puppies, 5 in 1 vaccine plus anti rabies vaccine for dogs at 3 months then yearly. Kittens receive a 3 in 1 and anti-rabies vaccine at 3 months then yearly.

These routine undertakings which vital for your pets good health. Endo parasite control involves control of nematodes and Platyhelminths among others. This includes regular deworming with the right drug.
Ecto parasite control involves treatment against parasites like ticks, fleas, lice among others. The clinic has drugs like Bravecto chewable tablets, Fiptox spray, spot and clear, frontline, and impregnated collars to repel and combat such parasites

Our telephone lines are active 24/7 waiting for queries and requests regarding your pets. We as well have a culture of timely reply to our clients` emails. This is the reason we are the leading vets in town as far as handling of emergency cases is concerned.

Depending on the demands of our clients, we offer visits to their pets in a one, two or three-month interval to ensure their continuous healthy state of their pets, early detection of disease conditions and eventual treatment

With our vast experience in the canine section, we have both the capacity and capability to effectively manage K9 units of major security companies in the country.

We relieve off suffering and pain from our patients who are chronically ill with no hopes of recovery

We ensure your pet looks clean and attractive by carrying out the following; Nail clipping, routine bath, hair clipping, dental cleaning, ear cleaning etc

We have a team of professional dog trainers who have vast experience in this field, we thus train your dog with in your premises in disciplines like obedience, ant-poisoning, guarding, socialization, etc. The beauty about our dog training services is that our vets subject your dog to a health examination to attest it`s fitness to kick start training. Note: anti-poisoning has of late become a necessary training for dogs in Uganda due to the fact that robbers have developed a habit
of throwing in poison baited with pieces of meat over the fences with an aim of poisoning dogs before executing their missions.

The shop has pet accessories like; frontline, spot & clear for control of fleas and ticks, collars, leashes, feeding bowels, shampoos, dog beds and houses. We deliver these items to your door step in accordance to your demands.

Veterinary Services in Pictures.

© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

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