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Vetplanet is here to ethically handle all your Pet’s Veterinary needs during your stay at the Pearl of Africa and there after handle the entire process of International Pet Relocation.

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Welcome to our Pet Travel Agency. Here no stone is left unturned as far as international pet relocation needs are concerned.

Preparing your pet to travel means planning a veterinary appointment for vaccination and plenty of paper work. Therefore, one missed form can unexp.ctedly ground you and your companion for weeks.

With our experienced pet travel specialist helping you prepare, you get the peace of mind that you and your buddy have everything you need in time for takeoff. The forms, permits and other requirements you need for international travel vary from country to country and our pet travel agents have seen it all. When you choose our comprehensive pet travel agency,you get all the necessary assistance you and your pet need which include among others;

A dedicated travel specialist that works with you throughout the planning process.
A thorough review of your pet’s health records and an assessment of entry requirements for your country of destination.
A customized detailed timeline that explains what you and your pet need to do when and why.
Liaising with our veterinarian to coordinate a final visit, including providing the necessary official paperwork needed for travel.


This is done regardless of the previous rabies vaccinations and as long as your pet is above 3 months of age.

When the 21-30 days post vaccination period has elapsed, blood samples are collected, processed and shipped to a Lab in Scotland, UK for titre tests. Results are expected within 21 working days. Only animals whose results are equivalent to or above 0.5 IU/ml qualify to travel. Those whose results are below 0.5 IU/ml are required to re-vaccinated and a grace period of 21-30 days is given, samples collected, processed and shipped for testing.

This is issued by the country of your pet`s departure. If you plan to travel out of Uganda, then the department of animal health under the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries will issue you a pet export permit.

This is issued by the country to which the pet is destined to travel. The country of import is allowing you entry with your Pet. It should be noted that both the import and export permits are valid for 10days from the day they are issued.

We as well process and issue a passport to your pet. The passport contains the pet`s information (Name, age, sex, breed, species, color, microchip number and position). Owner`s details (name, sex, address, nationality, phone contact and email address). The passport as well has vaccination, blood tests, tick and flea treatment and deworming information.

This is issued by our veterinarian after a health examination to attest to your pet’s sober health and fitness to travel. The standard rule is it has to be issued within 10 days of travel.

However, some countries provide blank veterinary certificates which are filled by the local VET of the exporting country, stamped and signed by the veterinary official for the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries.

This aids in recovery of a lost animal either at the airport or at home. This permanent, lifelong identification is provided by a tiny chip approximately the size of a grain of rice programmed with unique unalterable code that can be read by ISO11784 or ISO11785 scanners.

In the course of your pet`s travel, its mandatory that your pet is in a comfortable travel kennel or crate which can be plastic or wooden. We have highly skilled carpenters who make classy, comfortable wooden crates however certain countries of import especially in Europe restrict entry of wooden crates. Cats can either travel in a plastic crate or a carrier bag.

We help our clients choose the best airline for their travel and eventually do the bookings on their behalf.

With our animal loving drivers, we deliver our departing clients and their pets to the airport and pickup our arriving clients and their pets from the airport to their destinations.

We have a team of professionals who handle paper work at Entebbe International Air Port for all the pets that travel as cargo.

The Agency has experienced and animal loving drivers who drive your pets through the East African borders to their destinations

Certain countries require mandatory treatment of dogs against diseases like: – Babesiosis, Leishmaniasis, Trypanosomiasis, Brucellosis and Dog Heart worm disease before travel.

European countries require mandatory Echinococcus treatment.

Countries like South Africa require mandatory tests against parasites like: -Babesia gibsonia, Brucella canis, Dirofilaria immitis for your dog to granted access to South Africa.

This must be done within 30 days of shipment.

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© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

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