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Vetplanet is here to ethically handle all your Pet’s Veterinary needs during your stay at the Pearl of Africa and there after handle the entire process of International Pet Relocation.

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Why is it important to use a veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser?

A veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser is one designed specifically for pets. It will be powerful yet gentle enough for routine use, with a neutral pH and a non-irritating formula. A professionally recommended ear cleanser will also keep ears smelling fresh, remove excessive ear wax, and will be able to be used before application of other ear products. Avoid using cleansers that contain significant amounts of alcohol, have an overly acidic or basic pH, or contain hydrogen peroxide as all of these things can irritate your cat’s ears, especially if used often.

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© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022, Vetplanet Uganda. All Rights Reserved.

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